Volunteer with Canberra City Care

Canberra City Care is a non-profit service, and relies on the kind support of many generous and dedicated volunteers. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please call us during normal opening hours.

How you can help

You can be involved in our community centre in lots of ways. Let us know which areas you are interested in – some areas have capacity for a larger number of volunteers while others are limited by space or tasks.

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HandUp Food

  • rescuing food from supermarkets
  • sorting produce
  • stocking shelves
  • serving customers
  • operating a cash register.
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ReRuns Op Shop

  • sorting and pricing clothing
  • serving customers
  • operating a cash register.
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Tech Shed

  • dismantling and recycling computers
  • refurbishing and repairing computers
  • serving and providing technical support to customers
  • operating a cash register.
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Harvest Garden

  • weeding
  • composting
  • planting
  • harvesting
  • operating a market stall.
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Harvest Kitchen

  • meal preparation
  • catering for morning teas.
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  • answering phones
  • customer enquiries
  • data entry.
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The Redeemers

This sewing group uses recycled materials to make:

  • bags
  • other items.

Families helped


Christmas hampers


Contact us to get started

To make sure our staff, other volunteers and customers have a safe space, you will need to provide 2 references once we contact you.

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