Tech Shed

The Tech Shed is a Technology Access Program (TAP) providing affordable computers for:

  • pensioners
  • disability clients
  • education
  • students
  • charities
  • and more …

A Microsoft Third Party Refurbisher (MTPR), we also offer repair services and technical support to low-income earners.

Come in, or call us and we can discuss your needs. We have full packages starting as low as $165.

Desktop computer packages

All desktop packages come with:

  • a 19″ monitor
  • keyboard
  • mouse
  • cables
  • 6-month hardware guarantee (excluding batteries).

Conditions apply.

Laptop computer packages

All laptop packages come with:

  • a power adapter
  • carry bag
  • 6-month hardware guarantee (excluding batteries).

Conditions apply.

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Our services

  • viruses and malware
  • hardware replacement
  • PC/laptop diagnostics
  • data backup and restoration
  • operating system cleanup
  • performance improvements.
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Service fees

Diagnostic work $30
30 minute session (booking required) $40
Standard repair (replacement hardware at extra cost) $60

How we started

Charity Computers commenced in March 2001 with a 3 month work for the dole grant with Mission Australia. Mark and Mary-Jane Dunnett moved from Sydney to Canberra based on the initial grant, trusting God for ongoing funding. In June 2001 a 1 year contract was signed with Mission Australia to continue funding. In 2002 Charity Computers began to teach the Cert III in IT in partnership with Unity College.

Metal recycling services were added to the computer training, followed by Computer recycling. Charity Computers stopped running IT courses in 2014, although students from Unity College still complete hands-on components of the course at the facility.

We changed our name to the Tech Shed in 2014, and continue to recycle and refurbish second-hand computers to be sold for a small cost to low-income earners.


If you have IT equipment that you would like to donate, functional or not, please contact us or drop-in to reception and we will gladly receive your donation.

All items received will either be refurbished to go to people in need, or dismantled and sent to an e-waste recycler which keeps it out of landfill.

If you have many items to donate, give us a call and we can organise a time to come and pick up the items. We charge a small fee to collect items.

We accept

  • desktops
  • laptops
  • tablets
  • all-in-ones
  • tower
  • rack mount
  • storage arrays
  • switches
  • modems
  • routers
  • firewalls
  • cables
  • tower
  • rack mount
  • power board
  • mice
  • keyboards
  • cables
  • hard drives
  • solid state drives
  • NAS
  • LCD
  • LED

We do not accept

  • any printers
  • inks
  • toners
  • mobile
  • VoIP
  • landline
  • CRT

Privacy and security

You do not need to be concerned about your personal or corporate data when you donate technology. Every HDD, SSD, and USB device goes through a data destruction using specialised software which conforms to the NIST 800-88 standard.

If you need a certificate of data destruction for your devices, please talk with us and we can work with you.

Our volunteers

The Tech Shed is staffed almost exclusively by volunteers from the community, Work-for-the-Dole, NDIS, and Community Services.

The skills of our team range from beginners who are keen to learn, to those who have years of experience in the IT industry. This gives our volunteers opportunities to gain IT and employability skills.