Christians Against Poverty

Christians Against Poverty helps people who are struggling to manage their finances and debt.

When debt starts to become unmanageable, things can quickly spiral out of control as the pressure from creditors increases, and interest and fees multiply. The stress of feeling like you’re on your own doesn’t make it any easier!

Christians Against Poverty (CAP) is here to help. Our unique, hands on approach, empowers people to get themselves out of poverty. We help create a budget, work out fair repayment terms with your creditors, and try to stop interest and charges where possible. The budgeting skills that you learn through the process can last a lifetime.

CAP provides:

  • A realistic and understandable budget
  • Negotiation with creditors on your behalf
  • Insolvency assistance if required
  • Money management skills through the CAP Money Course
  • Continued support until you are debt free.

CAP operates in various locations around the world, and is the largest charitable provider of free debt management in Australia. In the ACT we have two centres—our north-side centre in Charnwood, and a south-side centre in Monash. Together, we are able to provide home visits to all Canberra suburbs, and in many cases surrounding regions such as Queanbeyan.

How do I access the CAP service?

To book your free appointment call 1300 227 000 or visit

For an appointment call:

1300 227 000

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